How we are contrasting the impact of Covid 19 in Hotel Perruquet?

BEWARE: this reading might be a bit boring

The following text is just to quieten concerns if you might have some, and to tell you the implements we have adopted and we will continue to maintain to make your and our stay the safest possible.

We inform you that:

_ We are happy and proud to tell that our family members are all vaccinated. You can follow our posts on Facebook and Instgram  if you like.

_ourselves and our employees  check the body temperature daily before we start to work. We all have been trained to use the personal protective equipment  and the cleaning products therefor will wear the mask properly.

_our cleaning and sanitizing schedule is even more implemented than it use to be, with a special consideration for  the lavatory and the public areas.

_ all our areas are cleaned as usual plus they are sanitized with the “Sanificatore mod. 909 DW Pro” that has a sanitized detergent and works with hydrogen peroxide.

_ your room is cleaned with the European legislations products recommended and after they are sanitized with the “Sanificatore mod. 909 DW Pro”

_ there are different hand sanitizer gel disposals at the entry of our public common areas.

_ we have defined the spaces and we have fix a maximum quote of entry in the public areas.

_ BREAKFAST will be still disposed in a buffet way, but our staff will serve you.

_we will aerate the more as possible the common areas.

_ our bar menu is readable with a QR-CODE, and on boards. In case you still prefer a paper menu they will be cleaned after. (We personally prefer the Qr-code option because we are trying to cut off waste and we try to use less detergents where we can.)

All this was to give you the updates and to tell you that we are GIVING THE BEST WE CAN and we hope to welcome you as soon as possible!